In an organization it is very important to strike a balance. A body which would safeguard the interests of workers, was very much required. Thus Betriebsrat came into existence. This is a concept which is coined in Germany and Austria. It strengthened its roots there. It was first realized in the year 1848/ 49 after the revolution. The workers were in sighted about their rights and laws for their well- being and representation in an organization. Since then the importance of the council is growing in multifold. Almost two third of German companies have these services at their disposal. The basic focus of this body is representation and safeguarding the interests of workers regardless of gender. It thoroughly believes in the equality in an organization. Rather than giving more weight age to one particular group and neglecting the other is not their forte. This body of experts has gained importance not only in various companies in European continent, but also across the world. 

There are many noted companies in Europe with their branches in the world have availed the services. In the United States of America, Betriebsrat has been considered by the companies as one of the most effective and efficient services for the workers’ representation. It is very important for the companies to take care of the well being f their employees and safeguard their interests. A collective measure for well being of the company should be taken considering the interests of every single entity in an organization. The main role of Betriebsrat is to take care of rights of workers and at the same time, guide and support the supervisory board to plan out decisions which will help boosting the morale of the employees.

All across the world the companies are faced with similar problems, so the body which was successful in European countries was bound to be equally successful anywhere else in the world. With the due respect to the judicial system, which is one of the most prominent features of this body, the Betriebsrat councilors change their policies and plan of action. They are very active in resolving work related issues of employees, this helps in smooth functioning of an organization. These council members are protected against termination of services. They need to be updated about every single issue in the company, as any hiding of information can affect the decision making ability of these council members at any point of time.

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